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Champagne SHAMAN 18 Extra Brut Gran Crù, Benoit Marguet


Benoit Marguet House

Marguet is a young producer from the Montagne de Reims and for the world of Champagne he represents the tradition brought to the future. Shaman is the expression of Benoit’s craftsmanship, fresh mineral complex and very elegant, with fine perlage. Extra Brut, dry but with the typical gentleness of bubbles from beyond the Alps. Biodynamic 75% PinotNero 25% Chardonnay Edition 07/2019 Deg 09/2021 bott 23560

pairing: ideal with fish dishes in general, sushi, sashimi, tartare, first, risotto and lightly seared red meat main courses.

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Champagne SHAMAN 18 Extra Brut Gran Crù

Benoit Marguet House

Benoit Marguet is beyond organic: it is pure biodynamic, and it does not do it to follow trends or marketing where in recent years it was enough to write on the Bio label to sell. Marguet really believes it, and it took years to achieve its goal: First of all, to produce a good and pleasant champagne that conserves all the energy of the elements that make up the terroir of its people 8 hectares of Grand Crù classified vineyards both in Ambonnay and in Bouzy. All without any synthetic product: from the vineyard, where it is accessed only on foot or on horseback and where no type of chemistry is allowed, to the cellar where the vinification operations perfectly respect the history of Champagne. The screws are “old”, 40 years, but they are better resistant to potential insects and microorganisms that could be harmful and that, in time, allowed the same plants to give better and richer fruit, therefore more expressive, once vinified, of the territory of belonging. Benoiti also does not use “tirage liqueur”, the famosa shipping liquor, thus letting the consumer have the real perception of his winemaking technique and his wines.

Shaman18 is produced with Pinot Nero al 75% and Chardonnay 25% from the Ambonnay and Bouzy plots, Mountain of Reims. Both are classified as Grand Crù. The rows have on average 40 years: the vines have a strong shrub and roots well rooted in nutrient-rich soils. The vinifications take place separated in barriques, where they will remain for at least a couple of years, to then proceed with the assembly before the second fermentation. In this way, Benoit reserves the right to always express its terroir at its best. Indeed, 18 it is the year of the reference harvest, but Shaman is, and will also be partly composed of vinifications from other vintages. In the glass it has a typically straw color, slightly golden. The grain of the bubbles is fine, and has a good shelf life. On the nose it orchestrates on fruity notes, citrus fruits and even honey. On the palate it is medium-bodied, wide and snug, with a drink characterized by a pleasant freshness and an enchanting creaminess.

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Benoit Marguet


Champagne, France

Data sheet

Alcoholic degree : 12,5%

Grapes : 76% Pinot Noir 24% Chardonnay

Type : Champagne Grand Crù Extra Brut

winemaking: harvest in August / September, first fermentation in wood with indigenous yeasts, second fermentation in the bottle always on its own yeasts at least 24 months, sboccatura, no dosage.

Service : 8° / 10 ° degrees in balloon flute


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