Selections: the Franciacorta of Arcari + Danes


Wooden box containing Arcari sparkling wines + Danes. Rare and precious bubbles of Franciacorta that with elegance and personality tell the Montorfano area. In the package you will also find the technical sheets for your tastings.

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Selections: la Franciacorta di ARCARI + DANISH

Enoteca Cremona propone la selezione degli spumanti di casa Arcari + Danes: Saturn 2015, Coro delle Monache 2013, Dosage Zero 2016. The winery is located in the municipality of Coccaglio on top of Montorfano, mountain that delimits the Franciacorta area to the south. The vineyards of this small reality are located on this mountain and have an older origin than the other Franciacorta hills and what characterizes them most are the "reddish" soils that have a more markedly mineral and iron-rich composition that typifies the wines from this area with a typical mineral note. Precursors of the "SoloUva" method, together with other manufacturers, which from a technical point of view means a method by which wines are produced with refermentation in the bottle WITHOUT the usual addition of cane sugar(or beetroot) both to cause the second fermentation and to dose the wine after opening.

Saturn 2015 it is produced with Chardonnay 65% Pinot Blanc 35% and the grapes coming exclusively from the terraced vineyards of Montorfano, adjacent to the cellar and for this reason we like to call it a "cru". Minerality and flavor, hints of ripe fruit, freshness and richness of taste make it one of our most particular wines and exemplifying the production method without exogenous sugars. It is produced only in particular vintages and in a few thousand bottles. It is the first type of Franciacorta with which the company began experimenting with “solo grape method”.

The Coro delle Monache 2013 vuole è unomaggio a Brescia, città natale dei due proprietari. Il Coro è uno degli edifici del complesso, patrimonio mondiale UNESCO, del Monastero di Santa Giulia. Dating back to the fifteenth century and richly frescoed by the artists Floriano Ferramola and Paolo da Caylina Il Giovane, this space of the Church of San Salvatore allowed the cloistered nuns to attend religious services while preserving their isolation. It is a unique environment, rich and precious, one of the most beautiful places in Brescia. Choir of the Nuns is produced in 6500 bottles: spumante Blanc de Noir Pinot Nero 100%. The grapes are harvested by hand when fully ripe, so that they can contain all the expressions of the territory. Softly pressed and vinified spontaneously, this wine makes a second fermentation for 62 months on its lees and then refine again 1 year before being marketed.

The Dosage Zero 2016 it is produced with Chardonay 90% and Pinot Bianco 10% grapes from the terraced vineyards of Montorfano, adjacent to the cellar headquarters, and from the vineyards of Capriolo. The ancient and ferrous soils of Montorfano characterize this wine with minerality and flavor that add to the richness of the grapes that are harvested at a perfect phenological ripeness. Beyond 30 the months of refermentation followed by 6 months of aging that make this sparkling wine fine, elegant with a rich aromatic depth. Compared to the Satén it is more direct and vertical, and the dominance of Chardonnay makes the sip more enveloping.

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