Selections: Veneto and Amarone


Wooden box containing 3 magnificent Classic Amaroni: Ceiling 2011 of Monte dall'Ora, Scajari Estate Ris 2010 by Sandro and Claudio Gini, Classic Amarone 2011 Cav. Farming. Elegance, power, wealth, exclusivity. In the box you will also find the technical data sheets of the wines for your evenings of tasting and fun.

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Selections: Amarone

Enoteca Cremona has selected for you 3 splendid Classic Amaroni. Amarone STROPA 2011 of Monte dall'Ora, the very rare and almost impossible to find Amarone TENUTA SCAJARI Ris 2010 by Sandro Gini, the Amarone della Valpolicella Classico 2011 of the Cav Bertani Winery. They are bottles that in a unique and personal way describe the hills that embrace Verona. Intriguing and enveloping.

Amarone Stropa it takes its name from the willow suckers used over the centuries in these areas to tie vine branches(it is the sprig of wood that is tied to the neck of each single bottle). The vineyards are on the hill of Castelrotto and exceed the 50 years of age. Plants are strong, resistant and ripe and give a "rich" fruit. Even when you pour it into the glass you can guess what the drinking experience of this Amarone will be like. Intense ruby ​​red, impenetrable and when you turn it in the glass it leaves large arches to mark its passage. As if they were a furrow…Once brought to the nose, it is pervaded by a rare aromatic richness, e, despite being very powerful, it is perfectly elegant. Dried fruit, cherry, plum and on the finish also with spicy aromas. On the palate is the above summary: wraparound, complex, exciting with a thousand facets and evolutions. E’ It is normal to have the perception that every time you taste it, new perceptions appear that make this Amarone unique.

Amarone Tenuta Scajari Riserva it is courage and vision, son of the dream of the Gini brothers.

In 1987 during a motorcycle trip, Sandro and Claudio "discover" a hill in Campiano(Valpolicella area doc), with special exposure and quality of the land perfectly comparable to the French Gran Crù. After acquiring it, they begin a work of improvement and environmental recovery of these lands : high altitude, sun exposure, constant breeze, calcareous clay soils were the starting points. Only in 2000 the Corvina plants begin, Corvinone, Rondinella and Oseleta. In 2018 the launch of Valpolicella and Amarone Scajari: 18 years of waiting, because nature needs its times. Here, Finally, Amarone Tenuta Scajari Riserva. Amarone della Valpolicella that you immediately recognize as such. but also immediately makes you feel something different, of innovative. We all have Amaroni in mind as opulent wines, rich and full of color, perfume and taste. But this is the Amarone you don't expect. The glass is impenetrable ruby ​​red: but it does not have the "usual" reflexes, indeed the ruby ​​is strong even towards the nail. And on the nose you are so powerful but it doesn't have that kind of impact: its strength consists in perfectly and harmoniously bringing all its scents ranging from ripe red fruit such as cherry and blackberry, and they arrive at cocoa, liquorice, tobacco and spices. E’ powerful, the withering you perceive it, but this is not exactly what is surprising. And so it is also on the palate: Elegant, round, full of flavors, clear and distinct flavors. Because it amazes? Because you have the perfect perception of every single scent and every single taste. What is surprising about this wine is its incredible and disruptive strength in being "perfectly" itself.

L'Amarone docg Bertani born from the land of Tenuta Novare in Arbizzano di Negrar, in the heart of the Vapolicella Classica area, and is located in the middle of a green basin, in a sort of natural amphitheater, where vineyards alternate with woods and luxuriant nature. An extraordinary land where water is constantly guaranteed by ben 7 natural springs e, even more peculiar, it is the alternation of soils: from the clayey of the valley floor to the calcareous soils rich in iron and manganese to reach the soils rich in basalt ideal for producing grapes for great red wines. This is how this great red wine is produced whose musts are entrusted to slow fermentations, sometimes even higher than 50 days, in concrete tanks, and the refinements are never less than 6 years in Slavonian oak barrels and others 12 months of rest in the bottle. In the glass it has an intense ruby ​​red color with garnet reflections; intense and complex notes of plum emerge on the nose, cherry and morello cherry with hints of dried fruit, licorice and spices. On the palate it is soft and enveloping with a dry sip finish with an excellent sensation of elegance and persistence.

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