Satrico 2019, The. Agr. Casale del Giglio


Satrico 2019, The. Casale del Giglio

Satrico è un vino laziale prodotto dall’unione dei vitigni Chardonnay Sauvignon e Trebbiano Giallo. Fresco, savory and slightly citrusy, it is a very pleasant and not demanding still white. Wine for your DAILY DRINKING.

pairing: appetizer, first courses with fish sauce, pizza, Sandwich, stewed white fish, mixed fried, fresh cheeses.



Satrico 2019

The. Agr. Casale del Giglio

Casale del Giglio is a far-sighted company. Not only did he bring to the national and international limelight the wines of an area of ​​Lazio hitherto totally devoid of viticulture with an agricultural project of extraordinary importance, but he also carried out a visionary project that transformed the plains of the former Pontine marshes into an agricultural area of ​​great interest and indisputable potential. Long years of experimentation since the 1980s with many national and international essences have consecrated it as a leading company that today - strong in 160 hectares of property – sells at excellent prices a series of exemplary wines for cleanliness, pleasantness, holding capacity over time, originality in the conception. They grew Shiraz vineyards from scratch, Viognier, Petit Verdot, Petit Manseng, Merlot, Chardonnay where no one else had ever dared. Azienda che annovera collaboratori del calibro di Attilio Scienza – of the Institute of Arboreal Cultivation of the University of Milan – by Angelo Costacurta – of the Experimental Institute for Viticulture of Conegliano – by Fulvio Mattivi – of the San Michele all'Adige Provincial Agricultural Institute – and by Paolo Tiefenthaler, the latter historical winemaker of the company, which we still find today scrupulously supervising every production phase that is carried out in the cellar.

Satrico This wine takes its name from the ancient city of "Satricum". The oldest traces of huts date back to the 9th century. a.C. and were organized in the form of a village with a place of worship in the center. Such a settlement, located on the hill next to the Astura river, later it would become the Acropolis of the city, place where the temple of the divinity Mater Matuta would have seen its location, today again, the vestiges are visible, near the current Borgo Le Ferriere (LT). 40% Chardonnay, 40% Sauvignon and 20% Trebbiano Yellow.
The grapes are harvested at an initial stage of ripeness, so as to maintain its freshness and aromas unaltered. After careful selection, the grapes are softly pressed, with the separation of the must from the skins. The fermentation, slow but continuous, takes place at a controlled temperature and lasts for about 7-8 days. After the usual decanting, the new wine completes its maturation process in the tank and is bottled at the beginning of the year. In the glass it is straw yellow, very bright; the nose is of considerable intensity and persistence, slightly aromatic, citrus and mineral; the taste is dry, elegant and with good taste-olfactory correspondence, of good minerality, savory, long in the closure.

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Casale del Giglio




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Data sheet

Alcoholic degree: 13%

Type: Lazio IGT/IGP

Grapes: 40% Chardonnay 40$ Sauvignon 20% Trebbiano Yellow (può variare in base alle annate)

winemaking: raccolta inizi settembre, spremitura ed immediata separatura delle bucce dal mosto fiore, fermentazione in acciaio per 7/8 days, affinamento in vasca fino a gennaio/febrraio successivo alla vendemmia.

Service: 10° / 12 ° degrees


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