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Fine and elegant Rosso di Montalcino highly appreciated for its immediacy and ease of drinking. Fragrant and enveloping, it is a wine suitable for all circumstances.

pairing: ideal with cold cuts, medium-aged cheeses, first courses with meat sauces, roasted white meats, grilled red meats.

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Located in Montosoli, in the best area, north of Montalcino, the company is led by Benito and Franco and has been bottling wines since the early years 60, and their father Giuseppe, founder of the Capanna, was one of the founding members of the Brunello di Montalcino DOC Consortium in 1966. The company's vineyards are in the best area of ​​this DOCG, precisely north of Montalcino, with a south-east exposure that favors the presence of a particular microclimate which only they can benefit from.

Red of Montalcino well known and appreciated by sommeliers and food and wine critics for its finesse and elegance. Also produced from the same vines of the Brunello, it differs from its older brothers in that it is easier to drink. E’ fresh and immediate both on the nose and on the palate, expressing itself with fresh hints of wild berries and velvety tannins. In the glass it is ruby ​​red and on the nose it has an enveloping and persistent aroma, mansion, cherry, ribes. On the palate it is dry and full-bodied, good persistence on the finish.

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The. Agr. Hut



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Alcoholic degree : 14,5%

Grapes : 100% Sangiovese

Type : Rosso fermo

winemaking : vendemmia fine settembre, macerazione e fermentazione per 18/20 giorni in tini troncoconici di rovere, aging 6/10 months in oak barrels, refinement in the bottle 4 months.

Service : 16° / 18 ° degrees in medium glasses


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