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Very Old Rhum Agricole J.M. XO


JM Martinique Distillery

Rhum Très Vieux Agricole JM XO is a rum distilled from the first choice of sugar canes from their plots. Aging 6 years in old bourbon barrels, it is a rum with broad spicy and fruity aromas with a snug sip, soft and round. Beautiful interpretation of rum, not too demanding, that tells us almost 200 years of history of the distillation tradition of this Caribbean island.

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Distillery J.M.. Martinique

Very Old Rhum Agricole J.M. XO

Founded in 1845 from Jean Marie Martin, this historic distillery has the name of its historic founder. It is located in the northern part of Martinique in the town of Macouba protected by a lush rainforest at the foot of Mount Pelèe, a wild place, which almost hides it as he wanted to protect it from the passage of time to preserve its ancient distillation traditions. The JM rums come esculisavemente from the sugar canes grown on particularly fertile volcanic soils with the tropical sea breezes that blow constantly. The distillation of fresh juice has always been done within one hour of its extraction in order to preserve their unique characteristics of freshness and purity, as well as the distillation through traditional Creole stills with continuous column, they keep the fruity and floral aromas of cane sugar intact. Aging takes place in selected barrels that are scraped by "carbonization" to expose the noble tannin again. Inside the rum ages and over time, thanks to the tropical heat and humidity that causes the evaporation of large quantities of product, they are promptly filled with rum of the same vintage.

Very Old Agricultural Rum J.M. XO is aged 6 years in old bourbon barrels. The high alcohol content and long aging lead to a continuous topping up of the evaporated product by pouring the same distillate from other barrels. In the glass it has a bright golden color, shiny; to the nose it expresses elegant and captivating aromas of toasted wood, spices and hints of ripe exotic fruit. Alpalato is structured and refined, with a warm and enveloping sip characterized by a soft and round drink finish.

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Distillery J.M..



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Product : sugar cane

Distillation : Creole alembic tradition with continuous column

Aging : 6 years in former Bourbon barrels

Gradation : 45%


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