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Pinot Noir 2016 igt CAMPO all MORE, The. Agr. Gini


The. Agr. Sandro and Claudio Gini

Pinot Nero Campo alle More from a high hill vineyard with a unique terroir: sole, constant breeze and soil rich in nutrients give grapes of rare quality. Elegant crude, intriguing, enveloping and elegant.

pairing: ideal with mushrooms, roasted red meat, game. It is fantastic with sautéed goose breast, risotto with partridge sauce, seasoned montasio cheese.

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Pinot Noir CAMPO alle MORE 2016 igt


I Gini: family of winemakers since 1500 so much so that studies have brought to light that in Contrada Salvarenza, this family already owned some vineyards. The knowledge has been handed down for generations to Olinto Gini, born in early 900 and father of Sandro, Claudio, Martha who today carry on this age-old tradition. Olinto farmer and winemaker with an imposing build as much as his passion for the land and the life it gave him, he had huge hands, thick and worn out from work on his land and his vines. Sometimes I wonder how it was possible that so strong and "bulky" limbs could treat a fragile fruit like grapes with so much care. He loved and cared for his lands with tradition and innovation by working in harmony with nature: were the first in 1985, and it has always been like that ever since, to vinify without the use of sulfur dioxide. This, has in fact revolutionized the world of oenology by opening up new possibilities and visions in the world of wine production. Both in their vineyards and in the cellar, the idea of ​​not using any kind of chemical support has changed what to do and when: "Now our most important task", as Sandro says, ”Is to make the screws talk, the grapes and knowing how to listen to them ". Biological and Biodynamic always.

Campo alle More comes from an ancient vineyard owned by the family with average vines 30 years of age. It was Sandro, than after his French studies, imported into its high hill land, clones of Pinot Noir from Burgundy. Soils with excellent exposure and clayey limestone soils perfect for the growth and prosperity of this variety of vines. “Campo alle More” because as well as already anticipating the fruity and complex notes of this wine, blackberry brambles thrive around and between the vineyard rows. In the glass it is bright ruby ​​red, access. The nose is complex and constantly evolving with notes of berries such as blackberry, morello cherry and with pleasant notes of spices. On the palate it is particularly rich and fresh, it expresses itself with great elegance and is enveloping and silky. Great Pinot Noir, suitable for long aging and surprising for its French "charm", but that has all the Italian passion.

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The. Agr. Sandro and Claudio Gini



Data sheet

Alcoholic degree : 14%

Grapes : 100% Pinot Noir

Type: Still red igt

winemaking: meticulous manual harvest, soft pressing, 20 days in the tank, spontaneous fermentation on its own yeasts, aging 2 years in oak barrels, decanted 3 times to achieve natural clarity without any type of filtering, aging 8 months in the bottle.

Service : 16° / 18 ° degrees in large glasses


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