PIETRO COLLA Extra Brut 2015 Magnum Classic Method, The. Poderi Colla


The. Agr. Poderi Colla

Pietro Colla Extra Brut is a great Piedmontese Blanc De Noirs produced in honor of grandfather Pietro, pioneer in Italy in the production of the Classic Method. Elegant bubble, perfumed, with excellent structure, very pleasant and inviting: it amazes for its finesse and perfect balance.

pairing: ideal with cold cuts, cheeses, raw fish, beef with a knife, roast beef and also with cuts of meat cooked on the grill.

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PIETRO COLLA Extra Brut 2015 Magnum Classic Method


We speak of “dei Colla” as winemakers since 1700, but the modern era began with Peter, class 1894, who learned the difficult art of bottle fermentation by a collaborator of the time who had been sent to France. The Colla family is one of the families that wrote the history of Piedmont. Beppe, Pietro's eldest son, in 1956 takes over the company of Cav. Prunotto e, when Piedmontese wines were still little known, makes it famous in the world. Moreover, participates in the drafting of the specifications of the Appellations of Alba wines and constantly seeks quality: it is the first in years 60 to vinify separately the grapes of the best positions and introduces in the label the word Crù.

Pietro Colla Extra Brut was born to honor his grandfather, pioneer to make sparkling in the classic method at the beginning of the twentieth century by assembling two dark berried grapes: Pinot Noir and Nebbiolo to give life to this Blanc de Noir. Man of few words, with hands marked by work in the vineyard but with an alert eye, careful, a Lord of other times who saw and participated in the construction of the Piedmont that now the whole world knows. And he envies us. It was wonderful to listen to him: through his words you could very well perceive the love of a farmer for his land and meanwhile he "invested" you in knowing by telling the story of the Langhe. The grapes come from two large family vineyards: Pinot Nero from the "Campo Romano" vineyard while Nebbiolo from the famous "Bricco del Drago". Land intended for the production of large reds, excellent exposures and soils rich in nutrients, whose grapes give this sparkling wine an elegance and a depth of unique sensations. The harvest takes place at optimal ripeness, they are then vinified separately to then be assembled and refermented in the bottle, "Second fermentation", for at least 2 years and at the mouth no liquer d'expedition. Classic Method perfect expression of the territory of origin which is presented in the golden glass, brilliant with a lively and non-aggressive perlage. On the nose it expresses a complex and very fine bouquet with floral scents, minerals, and "pastry". On the palate it is direct, vinous with an important and elegant structure. Harmonious and intriguing. Truly an all-round wine, where you will find culture, technique, tradition.

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The. Agr. Poderi Colla



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Alcoholic degree : 13%

Grapes : 90% Pinot Noir 10% Nebbiolo

Type : Extra Brut Classic Method

winemaking : harvest September / October, separate vinification, assembly, fermentation and aging in the bottle for at least 2 years, disgorging and topping up with the same wine without adding liqueur.

Service : 8° / 10 ° degrees


1,5 liters Magnum


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