Franciacorta docg Nefertiti DZ 2014, The. Agr. Vezzoli


The. Agr. Vezzoli

Nefertiti Dz is elegance and structure thanks to the refinement of 40 months. Wine that represents Vezzoli's pride produced with the best grapes from the best vines, pure expression of the maturity of the vineyards and the terroir of the franciacorta. On the palate it is vibrant and enveloping, an unmissable wine for bubble lovers. Millesimato 2014 Draft 04/2015 Sbocc II sem 2021 (72 mesi in punta)

pairing: ideal with medium-aged cured meats, raw fish, caught on the grill, caviar. Also try it with red meat knife beats.



Franciacorta docg Nefertiti DZ 2014

The. Agr. Vezzoli

I'm 30 years that we know Giuseppe and his family, and ever since, we can really say about wine if it was poured out a lot. Great passion and competence of careful winemakers, that with a brilliant mind and a love for their vineyards to say the least visceral. The Vezzoli family have owned vineyards for more than a century and have been breeding Chardonnay Pinot Blanc and Pinot Noir in some of the most beautiful lands in the Franciacorta area: Erbusco, Adro, Cologne and Capriolo. All with altitude beyond 200 meters, they have excellent exposures: basically North / South for the white berry and east / west for the dark berry. Thanks to the climate mitigated by the mountains on one side and Lake Iseo on the other, these areas have always stood out for mild temperatures and varied soil: from the moraine, sandy clay and glacial soils, all particularly suited to the production of grapes for sparkling wine. Those were the years 60 when the first bubbles began to appear, clearly inspired by the transalpine cousins, but the real "change of pace" occurred at the beginning of the years 2000. Vezzoli, together with other small realities of that period, he hypothesized the use of only the raw materials present in the vineyard: exclusively what Natura offers in order to produce Sparkling wines which are highly representative of the technical sensitivity of the winemaker and expression of the vineyards of origin. From 2008 the path of innovation and continuous research based above all on the work in the vineyard continues so as to avoid "corrections and adjustments" in the cellar. Solouva, "Only" what Nature gives. Nefertiti symbol name that represents beauty and could only be so for that wine which for Giuseppe represents his pride. Chardonnay 100% coming from the best vineyards and the best vines, the first fermentation takes place in barriques for at least 6 mesi per poi affinare at least 40 months on its lees. obviously, DZ stands for Zero Dosage. The glass is golden yellow, which lightens towards the nail, with a very fine perlage. The nose expresses notes of exotic fruit and remarkable floral references. On the palate the previously perceived hints, they blend perfectly in a structured and elegant wine with a vibrant and vertical finish: it is truly an unmissable bubble that always amazes every time you sip it. Vino che regge benissimo il tempo e bevuto anche con una decina di anni è in grado di avvolgere e coinvolgere.

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The. Agr. Vezzoli



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Alcoholic degree : 12%

Grapes : 100% Chardonnay

Type : Franciacorta Dosaggio Zero docg

winemaking : vendemmia manuale a mautrazione fenolica completa, fermentazione in barrique 6 months, aging 40 mesi in bottiglia sui propri lieviti, sboccatura con rabbocco dello stesso vino

Service : 6° / 8 ° degrees in balloon flute


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