Mostarda CLEMENTINE 380 gr “Optional”


Clementine mustard 380 gr, “Optional”

Clementine mustard: like all citrus mustards, this is particularly spicy!!! It goes well with cheeses, boiled, cooked shoulder, cotechino.

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AD LIBITUM ”The Collection

Clementine mustard 380 gr

Mustard : "Most Arden", that is, grape must made spicy by the essential oil of mustard.

Presumably, mustard was born in this way in Mantua in the Gonzaga era when there was plenty of money at the pleasure-seeking court of the Dukes, spices, cooks and banquets. The need was to preserve the fruit and they understood that by dipping it in grape must first, and then in honey, with the addition of mustard essential oil, the fruit was preserved and did not rot.

Until the beginning of 900 this was the only known method of making mustard but everything changes with the invention of candying thanks to the genius of Enea Sperlari from Cremona.

The substantial difference lies in the fact that in the Mantuan method the fruit is harvested in season and processed fresh. With the CREMONESE method the fruit is harvested when it is not ripe and candied and only afterwards the various fruits are assembled. E’ for this reason that in our Cremonese Mostarda the fruit is whole and there are fruits of different seasons (cherries, figs, tangerines, money, mela, cerdro).

MUSTARD “Ad Libitum” contains high quality fruit and is rightly spicy.

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