Sauvignon Veneto igt MACIETE FUME’ 2016, The. Agr. GINI


The. Agr. Sandro and Claudio Gini

Elegant white Sauvignon, savory, minerals, with a marked olfactory bouquet. Great international grape vinified masterfully than with great “charm” involves in an intriguing and fine sip.

pairing: ideal with fish dishes in general, whether they are cruditè or first courses as well as with risottos. Risotto con asparagi, also a fantastic fried egg with asparagus and a veil of parmesan, but also shrimp wrapped in bacon cooked on the grill.




Sauvignon Veneto igt


I Gini: family of winemakers since 1500 so much so that studies have brought to light that in Contrada Salvarenza, this family already owned some vineyards. The knowledge has been handed down for generations to Olinto Gini, born in early 900 and father of Sandro, Claudio, Martha who today carry on this age-old tradition. Olinto farmer and winemaker with an imposing build as much as his passion for the land and the life it gave him, he had huge hands, thick and worn out from work on his land and his vines. Sometimes I wonder how it was possible that so strong and "bulky" limbs could treat a fragile fruit like grapes with so much care. He loved and cared for his lands with tradition and innovation by working in harmony with nature: were the first in 1985, and it has always been like that ever since, to vinify without the use of sulfur dioxide. This, has in fact revolutionized the world of oenology by opening up to all new possibilities and visions in the world of wine production. Both in their vineyards and in the cellar, the idea of ​​not using any kind of chemical support has changed what to do and when: "Now our most important task", as Sandro says,”Is to make the screws talk, the grapes and knowing how to listen to them ". Biological and Biodynamic always.

Maciete in Veronese dialect, means small spot. The vineyard of this Sauvignon is in fact as if it were a small spot being alone 2 hectares…Fumè as a synonym for the typical scents of this grape. Produced from vines having on average 16 years of soil with excellent exposure and with soil rich in minerals. In the glass it is bright straw yellow with greenish reflections. On the nose it expresses a beautiful floral and fruity bouquet with herbaceous and mineral hints: boxwood leaf, citrus peel such as pink and orange grapefruit and "ferrous" scents. On the palate it is wide and elegant, envelops you with fresh and savory sensations: mela, hawthorn above all with a mineral finish with a nice vanilla sensation. Very limited production of this company gem, produced for true fans of the genre but also for lovers of aromatic white wines.

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The. Agr. Sandro and Claudio Gini



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Alcoholic degree : 13,5%

Grapes : 100% Sauvignon

Tipologia Bianco fermo igt

winemaking : manual harvest , pigiatura, macerazione del mosto sulle bucce per breve tempo, fermentazione di una parte in acciaio e la rimanente in fusti di rovere entrambe sui propri lieviti, terminata la fermentazione il vino nuovo è lasciato a contatto fino al sopraggiungere dell'estate, assemblaggio ed affinamento 6 months in the bottle.

Service : 10° / 12 ° degrees in medium glasses


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