Champagne Le Grains de Celles Rosè Extra Brut, Pierre Gerbais


Pierre Gerbais House

Le Grains de Celles Rosè Extra Brut è un’ottima bolla adatta come aperitivo, but it is also a great whole meal. Soft and sensual with a good structure, it is fresh and elegant. Truly a perfect example of an excellent Rosato, will win you over.

pairing: ideal with aperitifs with cold cuts and fresh cheeses, summer first courses, but it is enhanced with the catch: sushi, sashimi, tartare, fried food.

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The Grains de Celles

Extra Raw Rosé


Pierre Gerbais is a family house founded in 1930 which has retained an artisanal and fascinating approach to the world of champagne. The estate is located in the Côte des Bars, in particular in the Vallée de l'Ource located in the southernmost part of Champagne where the company grows Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Pinot Bianco of a rare genotype. South facing, the Cote des Bar is characterized by a milder climate and by soils composed of calcareous marl similar to those of the Chablis area. The vineyards have an extension of about 14 hectares with an age of approximately 30 years and are managed with great respect for nature without the use of synthetic chemicals. The “Grains de Celles” is an extra brut Rosé Champagne vinified with grapes from Celles sur Ource. Vineyards with particular exposure and soils, this bubble is made up of Chardonnay al 25%, Pinot Noir 50% and Pinot Bianco 25%: finesse and aromas, structure, elegance and delicacy. The harvest takes place manually and the vinifications are separated in stainless steel. The musts complete the maturation on the fine lees before assembly. Following, the tirage where the wine carries out the second fermentation in the bottle on its own yeasts for at least 30 months and after the opening it will rest 4 months before the sale. In the glass it shows a beautiful pale pink with brilliant and luminous reflections with a fine and very persistent perlage. On the nose it expresses a refined bouquet with delicate floral aromas, aromas of strawberries, small red berries and shades of bread crust. On the palate it has a good structure, with a soft and sensual sip, made lively by a persistent and very fresh finish.

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Pierre Gerbais House


Champagne, France

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Alcoholic degree : 12%

Grapes : 50% Pinot Noir 25% Chardonnay 25% Pinot Blanc

Type : Champagne Rosè Extra Brut

winemaking: vendemmia delle uve separata, fermentazione alcolica separata sui propri lieviti in vasche di acciaio inox, assemblaggio e tiraggio, second fermentation in bottle on its lees for 30 months, sboccatura senza dosatura e affinamento finale di 4 months in the bottle.

Service : 6° / 8 ° degrees in balloon flute


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