Hampden 8y Pure Single Rum Jamaica


Distilleria Hampden Estate

Hampden 8y Pure Single Rum is produced with unique methods, and partly secret, unchanged since the foundation. Distilled in discontinuous copper stills, molasses from sugar cane fermented with indigenous yeasts, it's a “Heavy Rum” aromatic, different, dall’alto numero di esteri che rende il sorso intrigante, satisfying and engaging.

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Hampden Estate Distillery

Hampden 8y Pure Single Rum Jamaica

Caribbean, Jamaica. Hampden's history dates back to the mid-18th century, when a Scottish businessman decided to import British distillation methods to the Caribbean island, in order to produce the best rum from the best sugar cane plantations. In the north western part, called Trelawny Parish, in the midst of lush tropical forests and large sugar cane plantations, the disitlleria was built and, next to it, in 1779 the Great House was built which was used as a welcome for visitors and that, in time, has become the undisputed symbol of the distillery. Hampden thus began to build his own myth: integral distillations using discontinuous copper stills, the possibility of using only fresh spring water e, basic, very high quality molasses obtained from slow fermentation, with indigenous yeasts without any type of chemical additive, of sugar cane harvested on their plantations. They have passed over 265 years from the birth of Hampden e, today again, the Rums produced in this distillery are characterized by the large concentration of "esters", directly responsible for obtaining a product of great richness and great aromatic expressiveness. Considered by many to be one of the best Caribbean distilleries in the world, symbol of absolute guarantee of quality and excellence.

Hampden 8y Pure Single Rum is produced by the slow fermentation of sugar cane molasses from their plantations located in the most remote area of ​​the island, the Cockpit Valley unique place for climate and biodiversity of animals and flora. Displaced in discontinuous copper stills, then ages in barrels for 8 years that, thanks to the tropical Caribbean climate, they have the same value as they were 25 in Europe. Heavy Rum which in the glass is amber in color, the nose is expressed with hints of caramelized apple, spices, tropical fruit and lightly smoked. On the palate it is intriguing with soft fruity sensations, with a decisive and fascinating sip with an elegant resin finish.

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Distilleria Hampden Estate



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Product : Canne da zucchero

Distillation : alambicchi di rame discontinui

Aging : 8 anni in legno

Gradation : 46%


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