Grappa Riserva 10 years


Ancient Altavilla Distillery

Grappa Riserva 10 years it is distilled by selecting the best pomace from the best Piedmontese vines. Distilled with an intense amber color, it expresses rich and enveloping hints that vary from dried fruit, sweet spices, vanilla and, thanks to the long aging, also of noble woods. On the palate it is elegant and enveloping with a long and persistent finish.



Grappa Riserva 10 years

Ancient Altavilla Distillery

Distillery owned by the Mazzetti family since its foundation in 1846 and which today represents an important page in the history of Italian distillation as a reference point for respect for traditional working techniques and the very high quality of the spirits produced. The family has reached the sixth generation of master distillers with Filippo Mazzetti, namesake of the founder, which has inherited the secrets of the processes that have been handed down over time. Still today it works following the method of traditional discontinuous distillation with copper stills powered by steam boilers and distils only in the period of October and November when it has the possibility of finding fresh pomace coming from the best cellars of Monferrato and Langhe.: Ruchè, Moscato, Nebbiolo from Barolo, Grignolino, Brachetto, Barbera, Chardonnay, Freisa and Malvasia di Casorzo. Slow and patient procedures are the basis for obtaining highly digestible grappas which will then be marketed young and at other times aged, thus representing the essence of Monferrato and its famous vines. Grappa Reserve 10 years it is distilled using the best pomace of the best Piedmontese vines and is aged in oak barrels. Thanks to the long aging it acquires great taste / olfactory depth which it expresses with great elegance and depth. In the glass it has an intense and luminous amber color; the nose is warm, enveloping with dried fruit fragrances, sweet spices, vanilla and noble woods. On the palate it is structured and the sensations perceived on the nose are felt very well with a soft sip, enveloping and spicy, with a beautiful finish, with a hint of vanilla, long and persistent. Brandy of the finest quality, not binding and which well expresses the richness of the grapes and processing.

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Ancient Altavilla Distillery



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Grape variety : assembly of the best pomace of the best Piedmontese vines

Distillation : discontinuous at low pressure with copper stills fed by steam boilers

Aging : in French oak barrels

Alcoholic degree : 45%

Format : 0,70 lt


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