Gattinara docg VINEYARD MOLSINO 2016, The. Nerves – G. Conterno


The. Vitiv. Nervi - G. Conterno

Gattinara docg VINEYARD MOLSINO 2016 is a Crù of reference of the cellar. Elegant, deep, structured after 4 years of cask shows sensations of undergrowth fruit and pleasant balsamic notes. Fascinating and with a "vertical" sip, perfectly represents the Upper Piedmont from which it comes.

pairing: risottti, stewed red meat, game, aged cheeses, grilled red meat, truffle egg.



Gattinara docg "Vigna Molsino" 2016

The. Vitiv. Nervi - G. Conterno –

Founded way back 1906 by Luigi Nervi this winery is located in Gattinara in the upper Valferana at the foot of Monte Rosa, very famous area in the early 1900s when the Langhe and its wines were not as well established as they are now. This company extends for 27 hectares, including the famous crudes Valferana Garavoglie and Molsino, in the volcanic area of ​​the upper Vercelli area, daughter of the Valsesian volcano, with hilly land protected to the north by the Monte Rosa massif. Here they breed the Spanna ( that's what they call Nebbiolo in those parts ) in ideal soil and microclimate conditions. The Conterno family takes over this historic company in 2015 with the intention of producing the best Nebbioli from this area in the upper Piedmont. The Gattinara di Nervi are mineral wines, elegant, deep and with an austerity typical of a recognizable traditional style.

The Gattinara docg VIGNA MOLSINO it is the historic Crù of the Nervi company. We are not in the Langa but in the high Piedmont north of Novara at an altitude between 350 ed i 420 meters: here Nebbiolo is called SPANNA and is expressed with an elegance of flavors and aromas different from the Langa. The sip is vivid, the fresh and ample aromas with beautiful balsamic puffs. Molsino is vinified from grapes from vines with 30 years of age that are meticulously cared for throughout the year. After the manual harvest, the grapes are softly pressed and the must obtained is fermented partly in oak vats and partly in concrete tanks. The refinement is divided into two moments: 48 months in large oak barrels and then rest further in concrete for others 6 months to follow, after bottling, others 6 months of storage in glass. In the glass it has a light ruby ​​red color, not too loaded with light garnet reflections; the nose is clean, very elegant with hints of red fruit and undergrowth and balsamic puffs. On the palate it is full-bodied, structured with a marked "verticality" and minerality. VIGNA MOLSINO is an "uncommon" Nebbiolo, of excellent quality that well expresses the territoriality of the Upper Piedmont from which it comes.

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The. Vitiv. Nerves – G. Conterno




0,75 l

Data sheet

Alcoholic degree: 14%

Grapes: 100% Nebbiolo

Type: Gattinara DOCG still red

winemaking: manual harvest, fermentation in oak and cement vats, aging 48 months in large barrels, 6 months in concrete, further rest 6 mesi in vetro dopo l'imbottigliamento.

Service: 16° / 18 ° degrees


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