Dolcetto d’Alba doc PIAN BALBO 2018, Poderi Colla


The. Agr. Poderi Colla

Dolcetto Pian Balbo is the everyday red. Pleasantly intriguing, it is an unstructured wine with very pleasant hints of fresh red fruit such as strawberry, raspberry and elegant and well defined on the palate with fine tannins. Pian Balbo is the kind of bottle that “you do not expect”, Piedmont of quality, easy and immediate.

pairing: ideal with young cheeses, fresh cold cuts, typical Italian first courses.



Dolcetto d’Alba PIAN BALBO doc


Yes, he speaks of “dei Colla” as winemakers since 1700, but the modern era began with Peter, class 1894, who learned the difficult art of bottle fermentation by a collaborator of the time who had been sent to France. The Colla family is one of the families that wrote the history of Piedmont. Beppe, Pietro's eldest son, in 1956 takes over the company of Cav. Prunotto e, when Piedmontese wines were still little known, makes it famous in the world. Moreover, participates in the drafting of the specifications of the Appellations of Alba wines and constantly seeks quality: it is the first in years 60 to vinify separately the grapes of the best positions and introduces in the label the word Crù.

DOLCETTO PIAN BALBO is the company's entry product, suitable for a quality daily serving. E’ immediate, friendly and for its pleasantness and immediacy it is the ideal accompaniment to all dishes. In the glass it is purplish red with the typical violet reflections of this kind of grape. The nose is fine, cherry aromas, plum, almond notes and light spices. On the palate hints of ripe fruit, fine tannins and great vinosity.

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The. Agr. Poderi Colla



Data sheet

Alcoholic degree : 12/13%

Grapes : 100% Dolcetto

Type : Still red doc

winemaking : raccolta manuale, maceration 5/7 days, malolattica prima dell'inverno, aging 4/5 months in steel, imbottigliato per l'estate successiva alla vendemmia

Service : 16° / 18 ° degrees in medium glasses


0,75 l


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