Cuvèe Tradition Extra Brut Classic Method, The. Agr. Orsolani


The. Agr. Orsolari

Cuvée Tradizione is produced 100% with Erbaluce di Caluso, rare native Piedmontese vine. Bolla fine e delicata è l’espressione dei suoi territori di provienza: fine perlage, broad and varied on the nose, as well as dry and mineral to the sip. Fresh and intriguing Extra Brut with a unique personality.

pairing: ideal with "important and succulent" cured meats, raw fish such as shellfish shellfish sushi sashimi tartare. Non disdegna l’abbinamento anche con battute di carne rossa al coltello o anche pizze “gourmet”.




Cuvèe Tradizione Extra Brut Classic method

Seriousness Respect Territory Work. These 4 words represent the Orsolari Family that gives 120 years it has preserved the traditions and identity of the vineyards in the Canavese area. It is a hilly area with a soil rich in minerals, rock and sand and with a particularly mild climate. Its grape variety is Erbaluce, it then became a protected denomination worldwide: it is probably an essence of Greek origin, but thanks to this recognition it has become in effect indigenous to this area. The history of the Orsolani winery begins at the end of the nineteenth century, when Giovanni Orsolani with his wife Domenica returned from America attracted by the nostalgia for their land, the Canavese. Here they opened a restaurant: Locanda Aurora and while his wife followed the activity in the kitchen, Giovanni worked in the vineyard and in the cellar to produce wine for the patrons. Today around 150,000 bottles are produced, for 90% of Erbaluce.

Cuvèe Tradition, 100% Erbaluce di Caluso classic method extra brut. Unique product of its kind vinified with a’ excellent native grape of the area, ampelographically unique in that the erbaluce is grown in very rare cases, with the aim of enhancing its origin and peculiarities. By the glass, this sparkling wine is very elegant straw yellow with a fine perlage. The nose reveals hints of anise, mint and aromatic herbs with a slight hint of bread crust thanks to the long stay on the yeasts. On the palate it is rich, robust and then leave a sapid and mineral sensation and with a finish, pleasant, very dry.

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The. Agr. Orsolani



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Alcoholic degree : 13%

Grapes : 100% Erbaluce di Caluso

winemaking : vendemmia metà settembre, rifermentazione in bottiglia e successivo affinamento sui lieviti per 36 months, outlet without dosage, in vendita dopo 42 mesi dalla vendemmia

Type : Spumante Metodo Classico

Service : 6°/8° gradi in ballon flute


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