CHARDONNAY 2016, The. Agr. Horse


The. Agr. Horse

Chardonnay 2016 is a great white in the land of reds, fragrant, sapid and mineral. Also suitable to be tasted over time where it will express itself with maturity and great elegance.

pairing: ideal with aperitifs, appetizers, summer first courses, raw fish, crustaceans and unripened cheeses. Pasta with seafood, dry, sashimi, tartare, grilled prawns, fried fish, caught on the grill

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It was the 1928 when Giacomo Cavallotto acquired the entire ownership of the Bricco Boschis, steep hill that the farmer Giuseppe Boschis inherited from the Marquise of Barolo Juliette Colbert. From steep slopes, this Bricco is famous for having numerous vineyards, or more precisely micro particles, enjoying a unique terroir: here there is always a particular microclimate that with the passage of 4 seasons perfectly marks the life times of the vines and grapes, Moreover, the mineralogical composition of the soils made up of calcareous marl and sand completes a unique production framework. Vintage 2016 5 stars. It is almost strange to find white grapes in the midst of vineyards with only red berries. Chardonnay produced in sunshine 6046 bottles, this white fully respects the production philosophy of the Cavallotto family. In the glass it is golden yellow with greenish reflections. The nose has fruity notes such as peach melon and citrus fruits such as lemon and grapefruit; intense and fine. The acidity is lively on the palate, keeping the wine intense and clean with a great mineral and fruity note on the finish.

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The. Agr. Horse



Data sheet

Alcoholic degree : 12,5%

Grapes : 100% Chardonnay

Type : Still white

winemaking : fermentation in autoclave for 45 days, partial malolactic, aging 9 months sur lie in stainless steel with batonage, minimum refinement in the bottle 6 months

Service : 10° / 12 ° degrees in medium glasses


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