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Vielle Vigne Blanc de Blancs Extra Brut Gran Cru is pure Chardonnay from Avize exclusively. Elegant, engaging, also thanks to the aging in the bottle for over 48 months, expresses very fine floral notes and fresh and mineral drink. Great Champagne for the whole meal.

pairing: as an aperitif with also important cold cuts, first courses of fish and second courses of fish also grilled.

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Champagne Vieille Vigne Blanc de Blancs Extra Brut GRAN CRU’

Small company that has been making wine since 1934. At the helm we find Dominique, vigneron indépendant who takes care of his own in a maniacal way 3 hectares of property with a total production of approx 15 thousand bottles a year. The vineyards are mainly in the municipality of Avize, but some vineyards (older than 75 years) they are also found in the legendary municipalities of Mesnil Sur Oger and Cramant. The Old vine White of Extra Raw White GRAN CRU‘ is the flagship product of this maison. The processing of this champenoise method is the same as the "basic" product but which differs in two fundamental moments of production: time of re-fermentation of the bottle and non-dosing in the mouth. The grapes are harvested manually when they are ripe and the first fermentation takes place in steel barrels and then malolactic is carried out in the barrel while the next step is the creation of the cuvée: Dominique assembles the wines of various vintages that he keeps in the cellar, to then carry out the "second fermentation" in the bottle, on their own yeasts, that will last at least 48 months, in this case, and at the mouth it is NOT dosed. Vielle Vigne is the maximum expression of the production of this Vigneron.. In the glass it is golden yellow with a very fine and persistent perlage; the nose is floral, with hints of white fruit, cedar and citrus. On the palate it stands out with elegant mineral notes with a final return of citrus and minerality. Vielle Vigne is in very elegant Blanc de Blancs, enveloping and enveloping with a very fine personality.

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Bouquin-Dupont Fils House


Champagne, France

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Alcoholic degree : 12%

Grapes : 100% Chardonnay

Type : Blanc de Blancs Champagne Grand Crù Extra Brut

winemaking : manual harvest when ripe, first fermentation in steel, malolactic fermentation in wood, creation of the cuvée, draft and froth for 48 months, outlet without dosing.

Service : 6° / 8 ° degrees


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