Champagne 743 Extra Brut, Jaquesson


Jaquesson House

743 Cuvèe Extra Brut è uno Champagne di finissima eleganza prodotto da una maison storica famosa per le sue cuvèe di uve dell’ultima vendemmia assemblate con vecchie cuvèe. Elegant fine and deep, it is a memorable bubble for the perfect balance it expresses.

pairing: ideal as an aperitif or throughout a meal, sushi, sashimi, pasta with seafood and seafood, caught on the grill.

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Champagne Cuvée 743 Extra Brut Jaquesson

Jaquesson House

Historic Maison born in 1798, in the village of Dizy in the immediate vicinity of Ay and Avize, revolutionized the world of winemaking of the time. Thanks to Adolphe Jaquesson, son of the founders, the maison introduces several innovations in the production chain: in 1835, together with Dr. Guyot, in the vineyards the vines are placed in rows; in 1844 invents and patents the "muselet" or the metal cage that blocks the cap and, shortly after with the pharmacist Jean-Baptiste Francois, they discover the formula to calculate exactly the quantities of sugar needed for fermentation. In simple terms, if today champagne and the world of classic method winemaking is as we know it, it is above all thanks to Jaquesson. Nevertheless, the merit of bringing the maison to the fore, it is up to Jean-Hervè and Laurent Chiquet who take the reins of the company in 1988 with the aim of producing the best wine in the world. Their vineyards extend for 30 hectares and are conducted in an organic regime, not so much to aspire to certification, but out of pure ideal of respect for the territories, of the vineyards and grapes they grow. Pinot Nero grapes, Meunier, Chardonnay which come from the best vineyards of Ay and Avize and which are vinified through long periods of aging on the lees, very low dosages and no filtration give wines that stand out for quality and elegance.

743 Extra Brut is the latest in the Jaquesson series, where the Chiquet brothers, since the first "release" (harvest 2000), they associate the number of the new cuvèe with the number “7”. But they don't stop there: they vinify the new harvests by assembling the reserve wines with the previous cuvèes thus obtaining a sparkling wine that faithfully reflects the new vintage and also indicate on the label on the back the various percentages of the grapes as well as the ratio between vintage and reserve wine. Pinot Nero Chardonnay and Meunier skilfully vinified give us a sparkling wine with a golden yellow color that on the nose is expressed with freshness with hints of yellow fruit and citrus. On the palate it is fine and elegant with a slender and mineral sip.

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Jaquesson House


Champagne, France


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Alcoholic degree: 12,5%

Grapes: Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Meunier

Type: Champagne

winemaking: manual harvest, vinificazioni separate delle uve in fusti di rovere, assemblagio delle uve, formazione della cuvèe con vini riserva di vecchie annate, refermentation in the bottle for 36 months, sboccatura e riposo.

Service: 8° / 10 ° degrees


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