CHAMAREL 2013 7Y – Villa Paradisetto –


Chamarel 2013 7Y

Il rum Villa Paradisetto Warren Khong Chamarel 2013 sette anni d’invecchiamento. Distilled in 2013 and bottled in 2020 few bottles have been made. As a gift, da collezioneun grande rum distillato dal patron Luca Gargano.

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CHAMAREL 2013 7 years Villa Paradisetto – Velier –

Pure Malt Single Rum VILLA PARADISETTO, it is a full alcohol distillate, that Velier produced in honor of the historic headquarters in Via Byron. Distilled in 2013 and left to age for at least seven years, it is worked with a double process in pot still alembic, and then rest in oak barrels. Bottled in a very limited edition, il Pure Sugar Can Juice Rum “Chamarel, Villa Paradisetto " 2013, 7 years old by Velier is one of the many gems of Luca Gargano: is a rum for true lovers and enthusiasts of the genre.

Intense and shiny golden yellow color, has lively amber and copper reflections. Kaleidoscopic aroma of salted caramel, peanut butter and brown sugar, dark spicy notes and coffee, deep tones of licorice and dark chocolate. Surprising sip for the power of the impact, it is robust but not aggressive, rich in character but delicate, perfectly calibrated in the references to the smell and very persistence in the dark caramel notes.


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Velier – Villa Paradisetto

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Alcoholic degree: 54,6%

Aging: 7 years


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