Carat 2016, Bressan Mastri Vinai


Bressan Mastri Vinai

Carat 2016, blend of Tocai Friulano Malvasia Ribolla Gialla…lively and harmonious, velvety, fruity, with a vague reference to the almond aroma that opens up in a pleasant and persuasive bouquet. Don't call it "Orange", it is a great white wine. Single.

pairing: grilled white fish, stewed fish, shellfish, fish soups with tomato, medium-aged cheeses. Amazing with the chicken tajin…

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Carat 2016

Bressan Mastri Vinai

7but generation of winemakers…Farmers, lovers of life, of the land and traditions. They passed through the Napoleonic Empire, the Habsburg domination, the world wars, where their lands were the stage for the development of modern history and, today again, they see them as makers of unique wines, personal, pure expression of almost 3 centuries of art and boundless passion. Their vineyards extend for 20 hectares, placed on a plateau that was once a large glacier, where the heights of the Collio overlook the course of the Isonzo river. They are protected to the north by the Alps and ventilated by the winds of the Adriatic Sea that blow from the south. They are not simple lands for the vines that have thus become strong over time pushed to push the roots in depth, just as the sense of belonging of this family is strong. Fulvio Bressan perfectly represents this deep and boundless visceral love for these vineyards that are conducted according to Nature and its times: great wines are made in the vineyard where the winemaker has the task of preserving and caring for their plants, without any rush. E’ helped by his beloved wife Jelena, by his son Emanuele and his father Nereo Bressan, 6this generation of Bressan class 1932 and absolute myth in the wine world, that still today it is met in the vineyard to take care of the rows. Fulvio produces red and white wines strongly expressive of their history: no chemistry, harvest when the grapes are fully ripe, spontaneous fermentations, slow fermentations, very long refinements before being able to see the new vintage born. Unique wines that can be easily recognized in the midst of a thousand, and it really is, they are so expressive and rich in history to tell, they have so much personal and deep aromas and flavors that they are so complex, but fascinating. Disruptive, without compromises.

Carat 2016 it is vinified from a blend of Tocai Friulano, Malvasia and Ribolla Gialla: typical assembly of the Friulian tradition. The grapes are harvested "late" , select manually and, after a soft pressing and racking, they undergo a light maceration on the skins with frequent pumping over; then they are decanted "cold" thus being able to separate the free run juice from the solid seeds and start the fermentation which will last well 20/25 days. Again racked partly in barriques and partly in 2hl oak barrels, fermentation will continue on its own yeasts for another year. Only now the grapes are assembled and then left to rest in steel for 2/3 months followed by further refinement in the bottle. Long process, complex…exhausting, but which gives rise to a great white wine with an "orange" color and a delicate nose, intriguing, with hints of apricot, fishing, melon…very elegant. On the palate it is rich, balanced, fine e, thanks to the skilful aging in different woods, notes of acacia and honey are perceived. Long and persistent finish.

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Bressan Mastri Vinai


Friuli Venezia Giulia


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Alcoholic degree: 13%

Grapes: Tocai Friulano, Malvasia, Ribolla Gialla

Type: Venezia Giulia igt still white

winemaking: manual late harvest, crushing and racking, light maceration with continuous pumping over, cold decantation and separation of the must which is then fermented spontaneously for 20/25 days, racking partly in barrique and partly in barrels of 20 hl, always on its own yeasts, where they will stay for about 12 months, assembly and refinement 2-3 months in steel and subsequent rest in the bottle.

Service: 16° / 18 ° degrees


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