JUG of the DRAGON 2016 Langhe Doc, Poderi Colla


The. Agr. Poderi Colla

Langhe doc Bricco del Drago can be summarized as follows: some of the greatest wines in the world are the result of blending, Bricco del Drago is perhaps the most historical and genuine Italian interpretation deriving entirely from native Piedmontese grapes.

pairing: ideal with important cured meats and aged cheeses, with first courses with meat sauce and second courses with meat, especially grilled. Why not, even alone…

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JUG of the DRAGON 2016 Langhe doc

The. Agr. Poderi Colla

Jug Of DRAGON it is such a special wine that it is the only table wine to have obtained the delimitation of the production area with a decree of the President of the Republic of 1987. The Colla family has been producing this Supervino since 1969 exclusively from two grapes: Dolcetto and Nebbiolo both grown on both sides of the Bricco del Drago. The terrain of this hill is totally different from the usual ones in the area as it is made up of sand, tuff, rocks in a totally uneven way from the top to the valley, and the microclimate created by the wind mean that these vineyards give these grapes an incredible complexity and structure that lead to an extremely elegant wine, pleasant and of extraordinary longevity. In the glass it is very intense and deep ruby ​​color, with the purplish shades typical of dolcetto. The nose develops hints ranging from spices, with ripe berries: such powerful and persistent aromas, but at the same time elegant and pleasant. Thus these sensations are found on the palate where they develop over a considerable length with soft and resistant tannins that make you think of a wine that can age while constantly improving.

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The. Agr. Poderi Colla



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Alcoholic degree : 13%-14%

Grapes : Dolcetto 85% Nebbiolo15%

Type : Still red "table wine"

winemaking : ripening harvest, vinification separately, maceration 5/8 days Dolcetto Nebbiolo maceration 10/12 days, aging at least 1 year in barrel

Service : 16/18 degrees in large balloons - decant 1 hour before -


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