The. Agr. Sandro and Claudio Gini

This is the Amarone you don't expect: powerful, rich in perfumes, flavors and with an elegance out of the ordinary. It took 20 years before I can taste it. Time when the brothers cared “manically” the vineyards, the grapes and prepared Tenuta Scajari. Produced in very limited quantities, it is the flagship jewel of this family of great winemakers. Nature must be able to wait.

pairing: ideal with large red meat dishes, but also tasted without anything else

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The. Agr. Sandro Gini

I Gini: family of winemakers since 1500. Sandro, Claudio, Marta are children of Olinto Gini, class 1929, farmer and winemaker with an imposing build as much as his passion for the land and the life it gives us. He had huge hands, thick and worn out from work on his land and his vines. Sometimes I wonder how it was possible that so strong and "bulky" limbs could treat a fragile fruit like grapes with so much care. Reply: love and cultivate their lands with tradition and innovation by working in harmony with nature. The Gini were the first in 1985, and it has always been like that ever since, to vinify without sulfur dioxide. This, has in fact revolutionized the world of oenology by opening up to all new possibilities and visions in the world of wine production.

Both in their vineyards and in the cellar, the idea of ​​not using any kind of chemical support changed the idea of ​​what to do and when: now the most important task is to make the vines speak the grapes and know how to listen to them. Biological and Biodynamic always, or at least from approx 40 years.

Tenuta Scajari it is courage, vision, daughter of a dream of the two brothers. Their, they have always been Soave producers, white from Garganega grapes, and Sandro, after French studies, he had imported Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Sauvignon, with which it creates Crù of surprising quality with an unmatched evolutionary ability over time.

In 1987 during a motorcycle trip, Sandro and Claudio "discover" a hill in Campiano(Valpolicella area doc), with special exposure and quality of the land perfectly comparable to the French Gran Crù. After acquiring it, they begin a work of improvement and environmental recovery of these lands : high altitude, sun exposure, constant breeze, calcareous clay soils were the starting points. Only in 2000 the Corvina plants begin, Corvinone, Rondinella and Oseleta.

In 2018 the launch of Valpolicella and Amarone Scajari: 18 years of waiting, because nature needs its times.

Here, Finally, Amarone Tenuta Scajari Riserva.

Amarone della Valpolicella that you immediately recognize as such. but also immediately makes you feel something different, of innovative. We all have Amaroni in mind as opulent wines, rich and full of color, perfume and taste. But this is the Amarone you don't expect.

The glass is impenetrable ruby ​​red: but it does not have the "usual" reflexes, indeed the ruby ​​is strong even towards the nail. And on the nose you are so powerful but it doesn't have that kind of impact: its strength consists in perfectly and harmoniously bringing all its scents ranging from ripe red fruit such as cherry and blackberry, and they arrive at cocoa, liquorice, tobacco and spices. E’ powerful, the withering you perceive it, but this is not exactly what is surprising. And so it is also on the palate: Elegant, round, full of flavors, clear and distinct flavors.

Because it amazes? Because you have the perfect perception of every single scent and every single taste. What is surprising about this wine is its incredible and disruptive strength in being "perfectly" itself.

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The. Agr. Sandro and Claudio Gini



Data sheet

Alcoholic degree : 15%

Grapes : Corvina Corvinone Rondinella Oseleta

Type : Rosso Fermo Amarone docg Riserva

winemaking : manual harvest in early October, withering come on 90 to 120 days, steel maceration for 3-4 days, alcoholic fermentation for 20-25 days, rest at controlled temperature, fermentazione malolattica spontanea nell'estate successiva, aging 5 years in French oak barrels from 25 hl and part in pieces from 228 lt always in contact with its yeasts, no filtration, refinement at least 6 months in the bottle.

Service : 16/18 gradi Decantato un paio d'ore, served in ballon


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