Our story begins in 1953, in 1996 the Enoteca is born and everything changes.

Non siamo nati ieri….

Enoteca Cremona opens its doors on 16 November of 1996, an easy year to remember because it marks a memorable vintage for Italian wine. But that day was only the decisive stage in a story that began in 1951, when Fosco Signorini , Tuscan rose to the north in search of fortune, he started the wine trade by bringing the legendary straw flasks of the Chianti region of his country to Cremona, Certaldo. The registration in the register of the Chamber of Commerce is dated 1953 and since then the family has always carried on the business, both as a wholesaler and as a representative of the best companies that in those years were the first to make the revolution in the world of Italian wine: Gaja, S.Margherita, The Verse, Fazi Battaglia, Mezzadri with the mythical “Ruspello” just to name a few.

The opening of Enoteca Cremona was the natural evolution of that history and today everything continues in the family, nel solco di una esperienza umana e professionale profonde, always capable of making careful choices, without ever chasing fashions or ephemeral moments of glory. Little noise, much work, our story is all here.

People are the key to everything : Patrizia, lawyer, figlia di Fosco con il marito Ferdinando, severe connoisseur of wines and already AIS card in 1984, Andrea, the son who today takes up the baton and who leads the profession towards modernity, the collaborators who have supported us over the years: all united by passion, spirit of sacrifice and desire to move forward and this being "not very commercial" and very normal makes Enoteca Cremona a real place, with a particular identity, where the library of bottles on display tells many stories and fascinates those who enter with the curiosity to enjoy a pleasant experience.

At the few tables of Enoteca Cremona you can stop to consume cured meats, formaggi e altre leccornie selezionate con estrema cura da Andrea , tasting wines that can always be freely chosen from the shelves, a bit like at home, in family.

We simply want to read satisfaction in the eyes of those who sit quietly with us, and that's what we like: vedere le persone contente, parlare con loro, diventare compagni di viaggi curiosi e golosi nel bellissimo mondo dell’eno-gastronomia.

Siate gentili: prenotate sempre se volete venire da noi: il numero è 0372451771, oppure scrivete a enotecacremona@gmail.com. Non siamo sempre aperti per il servizio ai tavoli, per questo è necessario chiamare prima.