IT'S OUR 25th CHRISTMAS: 1996-2021

Enoteca Cremona was born in 1996 and since then Christmas has always been the moment of maximum commitment for us but also the one in which to give shape to dreams.
We started knowing little or nothing about the art of giving and today, after 25 YEARS, we are moved and proud to remember our journey.
There are many meanings of Christmas and for us it has always been essential to give meaning and taste to the custom of giving something to loved ones : this feeling has constantly guided us in our choices, convinced that even the simplest gift has an enormous value for those who give it and for those who receive it. The years have gone by like this, always looking for the best and sowing crumbs of goodness and beauty.
25 YEARS of work and passionate research have made us meet extraordinary artisans of taste and also in CATALOG 2021 we have simply tried to present what we love about the best Italian food and wine.
We have always said this: there is no need to change the budget.
Just change the choices, and you will travel with us.